Activated Charcoal | Uses & Benefits

Products that contain activated charcoal powder are said to offer amazing benefits to the human body. Activated charcoal is found in products ranging from teeth whitening powder, face scrubs, peel-of face masks etc. It is even administered to pets that were poisoned because of it's amazing absorbing effects.

However, one of the best applications of activated charcoal is for oral health and teeth whitening. Activated charcoal toothpaste offers a powerful formula for fighting cavities, plague, gingivitis and bad breath. It contains fine activated charcoal to help remove deep stains while preventing new ones from forming. 

Here are some of the top benefits of using activated charcoal toothpaste:

Getting rid of plaque the natural way

Because of the unique carbon chemical structure of activated charcoal, it is highly capable of absorbing toxins on a microscopic level. Using our activated charcoal teeth whitening kit together with our charcoal toothpaste is an extremely effective way to get rid of plaque naturally without damaging your teeth enamel. 

Features of activated charcoal toothpaste

Removing Deep Stains

For coffee and/or wine lovers (95% of the population) as well as smokers, teeth stains are a prevalent problem that can drastically influence the appearance of your teeth. Brushing your teeth with our powerful combo of teeth whitening powder and charcoal toothpaste is a great way of getting rid of stains that cause the yellowing of teeth.

Preventing bad breath

Your mouth is filled with bacteria and germs, some of which causes unpleasant odors and bad breath. Everyone knows that having bad breath can lead to quite embarrassing encounters. Due to the adsorbing effect of the activated charcoal in our charcoal toothpaste, it is extremely effective in getting rid of bacteria and germs that causes bad breath.

Everybody deserves the brightest smile that you can show of in public without worrying about bad breath or yellow teeth. Beauty Coco will give you just that with our range of teeth whitening products. Get your Ultimate Teeth Whitening combo today to get that whiter and brighter smile within as little as 7 days!

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