Wondering how much it costs to Whiten Your Teeth in South Africa?

Brushing, flossing and mouth rinsing is extremely important when it comes to maintaining oral hygiene. Even if you follow that regime consistently you will find with age that you teeth start to discolor and become more yellow. This could be due to cigarette smoking, drinking wine, eating a lot of curry or eating/drinking other teeth staining foods.

By now if you have decided to whiten your teeth you would have researched online and discovered that dental bleaching at a dentist office is an expensive option reserved for the wealthy. The cost of Beauty Coco Teeth Whitening products in South Africa is very reasonable when compared to other Teeth Whitening solutions. Not only is our Teeth Whitening treatment affordable, it is 100% Organic which means its much more safer.You'll feel the difference from the first wash with our teeth whitening system. 

The cost of our Teeth Whitening Kits ranges from R399 - R499 which presents real value for money considering this kit lasts you about 2 months! It's never been a better time to Brighten Your Smile and get Clearer Skin the Organic Way!

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